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HUSKEY ECOLUBE EP 2 is a blend of the finest quality USA grown natural seed oils available then treated with the most effective anti-oxidants, extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. HUSKEY ECOLUBE EP 2 is truly multi-service grease for extended service under extremely high and low temperature conditions.

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HUSKEY HYDROLUBE GREASE represents the most advanced lubricant technology. It is an Environmentally Responsible, non-toxic, pure synthetic, waterproof lubricant formulated to provide maximum parts protection in adverse conditions of extreme loads, high water washout and chemicals. HUSKEY HYDROLUBE is NSF/U.S.D.A. H-1 *Registered which gives it full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental food or potable water contact may occur. HUSKEY HYDROLUBE does not contain any lead, chlorine, phosphorous, sulphur, chromates, antimony, benzene, free metallic or other potentially hazardous ingredients that may harm the environment.

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